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We're building up a huge collection of thousands of ideas, activities, lesson plans, tips, inspiration, and ideas for teachers. 

All of the teaching ideas here were submitted by teachers who believe in sharing their best lessons.  It's a site for teachers, by teachers.  We're off to a great start, but there's lots more to come!
Math Activities
Ideas for teaching Math!  Includes graphing, addition, subtraction, and so much more.

Student Teaching
Over 100 activities, games, tricks, and lessons for teaching spelling in your classroom.

Experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities galore!

Super Teacher Site of the Month
The January Super Teacher SOTM is Imagination-Cafe, an entertaining site for kids with games, pictures, jokes, contests, music, and more.

Submit Your Ideas
Tells us about a lesson or activity that you or your students love.  We'll post your submission to this website.

Guide to Getting a Teaching Job

Looking for a Teaching Job?  This eBook can help!  Interview Questions and Answers, Resume and Cover Letter Help, and more!
Super Teacher Ideas
Spelling Activities
Over 100 activities, games, tricks, and lessons for teaching spelling in your classroom.

Writing Activities
Try some of these creative ideas for teaching writing skills.  Fun ideas for teaching writing to students at all age levels.  Includes letter writing, descriptive essays, and more.

Bulletin Board Ideas
Photographs of bulletin boards to inspire you.

Social Studies
Bring fun and excitement back into your social studies lessons.

Classroom Management
Try these organization and management tips for running an efficient classroom.

Teaching Ideas, Lessons, & Activities

SMART Board Lessons has lots of Smarrtboard Notebook lessons for teachers.