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School Bulletin Board Photo: Reading Scoop

Created by: Judy, Grade K-6 Basic Skills Teacher,

Theme: Reading

Title:  Get the Reading Scoop


Below you will find a photograph of a bulletin board I created to motivate students to read. This is for grades K-6 and has been a HUGE success! Every time a student reads a grade or level appropriate book they complete an ice cream scoop.

They must include the title, author and a brief summary on the scoop. When the scoop is returned, they receive a sticker on their personal reward card. They are required to read 30 books throughout the year.

We set a group goal of 500 books and keep track by coloring in a thermometer of the number of books read. We move up a cherry as we color it in. When the cherry reaches the top, it goes on the completed sundae and we have reached our goal.  However, to qualify for the Big Treat, you must have contributed at least 30 books individually. The Big Treat is a walking trip to the local ice cream shop to receive a nutritious treat as a reward.

As you can see from the photo there are presently a few scoops added and the thermometer is just starting to go up. Hanging are their individual reward cards and the stickers. When completed, the ice cream sundae looks very colorful and is an awesome bulletin board.

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