Halloween Bulletin Board

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Halloween Bulletin Board Display

Bulletin Board Picture Submitted by: Kaytee, 2nd Grade teacher

Theme: Halloween

Title:  "Spooktacular" 2nd Graders!


Another awesome bulletin board designed by Kaytee, a creative and inspiring second grade teacher.  Ghosts, created by the students, fly around this haunted house!  The students made the ghosts by tracing a pattern, cutting  it out, and filling it with white tissue paper squares.

Close-up of the ghosts.  The girls have bows on their head.  The boys are wearing handsome bow ties.
Fifteen spook-tacular second graders float around the haunted house when the moon is full.  Can you tell which ghosts are boys and which ones are girls?
The spooky haunted house with boarded up windows was designed with great attention to detail.
Thank you for letting us post this bulletin board, Kaytee!  And thanks to all of your Spook-tacular students for sharing their  fine work!  :)

Happy Halloween!

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