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Reading Race Track

Bulletin Board Picture Submitted by: Rebecca, 2nd Grade teacher

Theme: Reading

Title:  "Reading race Track"


I thought it would be fun to enter your monthly contest.  I am a second grade teacher in Michigan.  Every year my teaching partner and I construct an Accelerated Reader (AR) race track for the hallway.  AR is a reading computer program.  The students in my class are leveled for their reading ability.  They must read a book at their reading level and complete an AR test in order for points to be accumulated.  These points are assigned according to the AR computer program.  

Each student is then assigned a race car and the car moves forward according to the number of points acquired by the student.  Along the race track are "pit stops".  At these stops, treats are accumulated for the building of an ice cream sundae.  For example, the first pit stop is only two points.  This stop is the bowl.  The points increase as the cars move down the track.  The items accumulated include: a bowl, a spoon, ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, syrups (chocolate, butterscotch), and cherries.  At the end of each quarter an ice cream sundae party is thrown for those student who have accumulated points and treats. 

We have our AR race track in the first and second grade hallway.  The kids LOVE it!  It's fun to see how fast their cars can move and it's a big motivator for the students. 

Webmaster Note:  Thanks for the excellent submission, Rebecca!  What a HUGE and impressive display!  The kids must love seeing their cars speed down the hallway as they read throughout the year!

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