Columbus Day Writing Lesson

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Columbus Day Writing Activity
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Columbus Day Lesson:
Letters to the King and Queen of Spain
Submitted by Anonymous 4th Grade Teacher

Each year on Columbus Day, my students pretend they're Christopher Columbus and they write letters to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to ask for funding for a voyage.

The letter must:

  • Be dated on or shortly before 1492

  • Have "Dear King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella" as the salutation

  • Contain one paragraph describing Christopher Columbus' biographical information  (I usually give them basic facts about his life beforehand, so they can include them in the letter.)

  • Contain one paragraph in which columbus asks for money to fund a voyage

  • Contain one paragraph describing how he will spend the money (example: To buy three ships and pay a crew of sailors, buy food and other provisions)

  • Have an appropriate closing, signed with Christopher Columbus' name

Students also create a picture to go along with their letter.  The picture and the letter are mounted to large contruction paper and hung in the hallway outside of the classroom.

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