Fraction Pizza Activity

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Building Pizzas and Practicing Fractions
Webmaster note:  What a fun way to teach fractions through creative play.  I love it!  Thank you for this idea, Jennifer!
Fraction Pizzas
Submitted by Jennifer from Georgia

  • Construction paper cirlces (pizzas)
  • Index cards with fractions
  • linking cubes, bingo markers, or any small items in classroom to use as toppings


The circles (pizzas) are already divided into halves, thirds, forths, sixths, and eighths (depending on level of students).

As a whole class the pizzas are displayed where everyone can see them. Each student will take turns and pick an index card with a fraction.

The student must decide which pizza they must put thier topping on.

Example. If the student draws 2/3, they must determine that they have to use the pizza that is divided into thirds to put thier topping on. The student will then cover 2/3 of the right pizza with (pepperoni, cheese) whatever they choose for their topping.

After this lesson the materials may be placed for center time or free choice play.

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