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Paper Folding Fraction Lesson
Webmaster note:  Fantastic lesson, Cathy!  And so easy to do with materials that are already on-hand in every classroom.
Paper Folding Fractions
Activity Submitted by Cathy from Holly Springs, NC

  • Colored Paper (various shades)
  • Crayons/colored pencils
  • Overhead (optional)
  • Base-ten blocks


I start by talking about the vocabulary that they'll encounter with fractions and decimals (numerator, denominator, fraction, decimal).  I usually put the word and definition on the overhead for everyone to see.

Then I have the students make fraction pieces with whole sheets of paper.

I first have them get a piece of white paper (8.5 x 11) and then they write "Whole" on the middle.  Then we take another colored sheet (any color) and fold that sheet in 1/2 and we write 1/2 on the sheet.  We do this for all the fractions and then I introduce fraction strips. 

I have them show me various fractions with their fraction pieces or strips. We also learn about decimals at this time. We talk about tenths and hundredths using base-ten blocks.

I use the overhead to show fraction pieces and base-ten blocks and how they all work together.

I usually end the lesson with having random students come to the front of the room and we talk about what fraction has brown hair, is wearing red, is a boy, etc. and then we connect the fraction to the decimal.

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