Cake and Pie Fraction Lesson Plan

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Delicious Fraction Activity
Webmaster note:  Wow, Leslie!  How lucky the kids in your classroom are!  Not only do they get a fraction lesson that relates to real life, but they also get to eat pie!
Fractions with Real Pies!  Yum!
Submitted by Leslie from Ohio

  • Pies, and/or cakes (All the same size!)
  • cutting utensil


I divide the class into groups, each group with a different number of students.  Then, I explain that each group will share a pie (or cake). We talk about being fair and giving each member of the group the same size piece. No one is permitted to eat anything until everyone in the class has a piece.

After the pies (or cakes)are divided, we talk about the size of each groups pieces (halves are going to be much larger than the fourths, etc.).  After all the discussion and observations, we eat our lesson. Yes, I do try at the end to give similar amounts to each student by recutting.

After thought: I usually do this activity after a measurement activity where we actually make the pies or cakes.
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