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Math Food Lessons
Three fun ways to teach geometry, measurement, and fractions using food!
Winner of the December 2008 contest!

Pizza Entrepreneurs
This class teamed up with a local pizza parlor to learn about math and business.

Math Dice Game
Addition and subtraction dice games make reviewing math facts fun.

Multiplication Bingo
Bingo is a classic game for reviewing multiplication, but kids love it!

Geometry Angles Lesson
Use popcorn, yarn, and noodles to build and identify different types of angles.

Diecut Measurement
First graders use Ellison die cuts to teach students about nonstandard measurement.

Kindergarten Math
A couple of fun ideas for Kindergarten math.

Multiplication Math Ball
Fun beach ball game for reviewing multiplication facts.

Over the Hill Rounding
Kids use Matchbox cars to learn about rounding numbers.
Expanded Form
Kids use giant number cards to visually demonstrate expanded form numbers.

Team Challenge Game
Students solve math problems as quickly as possible to earn points for their team.

Addition - Place Value Cards
Use place value cards to teach kids about addition with regrouping.

Coordinate Grid: Find Rover
Students must find the dog hiding on the coordinate grid.

Money Lesson Ideas
A game called "Pay Me," shopping at a pretend farmer's market, and oversized coins.

Place Value Booklets
How to make place value booklets with your class.

Candy Graphs
The candy machines at the candy store are on the fritz.  Now the class must sort, count, and graph all of the candy data!

Personal Finance
Students learn to spend money responsibly and balance a checkbook.
Fraction Survey
Students participate in class surveys, then record the results in fraction form.

Candy Fractions
Use candy to teach the class all about fractions.

Tortilla Fractions
Use tortilla shells to make fractions.

Fraction Cakes
Real pies and cakes are perfect for teaching kids about fractions.  Yum!

Paper Folding Fraction Lesson
How to teach kids about fractions with a paper folding activity.

Construction Paper Pizza Fractions
Pizzas made of construction paper are a fun way to review fraction concepts.

S'more Fractions
Use marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to teach kids about fractions.  Mmmm... s'mores. 

Dividing Fractions
One way to teach kids how to divide fractions.

Fraction Worksheets
There are tons of fraction worksheets on S.T.W.

Fraction Spelling
Use your spelling words to review fractions.