Using Food to Teach Math

Super Teacher Ideas Math Lesson : Geometry, Measurement, and Fractions with Food
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Teaching Geometry, Measurement and Fractions the Fun Way... with Food!
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Super Teacher Ideas
Gumdrop Geometry
Submitted by Kathy from Kentucky
4th - 5th Grade Teacher

When I am teaching geometry I do an activity which uses toothpicks and small gumdrops to let the kids make various geometrical shapes. This activity lends itself to all types of learners.

They can count the vertexes and sides of each shape. An extension of the activity is to let the kids create a building using different geometric shape. You can limit the number of toothpicks and gumdrops to see who can be the most creative and the best problem solver.

Using Recipes to Teach Measurement
Another Great Idea Submitted by Kathy from Kentucky
4th - 5th Grade Teacher

I like to take recipes and convert to ounces, grams, teaspoons, etc.. before I give them to the kids. the kids have to convert them to the measurement items I give them. I usually choose a recipe that does not have to be cooked. It teaches measurement conversion in a fun way.

Bubble Gum Fractions
Submitted by Kathy from Kentucky
4th - 5th Grade Teacher

Bubblegum fractions is a great activity where you teach the kids about fractions by using 2 different colors of bubblegum. To teach the kids how to find the denominator they learn to count all of the bubble gum. To get the numerator they count the color fraction ask for. 2/3 ( 3 pieces of bubble gum, but only 2 are grape).  From this you can discuss shaded and non-shaded forms. Afterwords the kids get to chew the gum!

Webmaster note:  What a fun and exciting lesson ideas, Kathy!  Thanks for sharing! 

I do a lesson similar to your "gumdrop geometry" with my third graders, except I used marshmallows.  It's always a huge success.  Kids always love to eat their way through a Math lesson. :)

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