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Super Teacher Ideas Math Lesson : "Team Challenge" Activity
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Team Challenge: a Math Problem Game
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Math Problems:  Team Challenge Game
Submitted by Sharon from Virginia
5th Grade Teacher

One game that I like to play with my students is team challenge. I divide the class into two teams. I have sticks with all the students names and pull two sticks with a name from each team (sometimes I may need to pick again because I have pick 2 names from the same team).

The students go to the board and I give them a problem to write. Then they must turn their back to the board. They have to wait until I say go. (I like to play with them and make them wait sometimes.) Once I say go the students turn around and must figure out the problem. I like to try and make sure that I give a problem that both players will have a chance of working out.

The first person with the right answer wins a point for their team. I also assign one student from each team to have a calculator to check the answers. (Most of the time at least 4 or 5 students will have a calculator.) You can use any type of problems and is works for many different grade levels. The team with the most points at the end sometimes gets a treat. Most of the time the students just enjoy the playing. I like to use this for review time before a test. The students have a great time.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for submitting this game idea, Sharon!