Addition with Regrouping - Place Value Mats

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Addition with Regrouping - Place Value Mats
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Place Value: Addition with Regrouping
Submitted by Nicholas from Indiana
2nd Grade Teacher

This lesson is a place value lesson, addition with and without regrouping. Place students in groups of 4's. Each group is given a place value mat with ones, tens, and hundreds columns, 1 number cube(dice)and a set of small cubes (represents ones) and ten rods (represents 10's).

The first person rolls the number cube and places that amount on the mat. The next group member rolls the cube and places their amount on the mat. That person must regroup if possible. This is continued until a group reaches 100. I make this a silent game. No talking. If a group talks or helps a member on their team, that team is disqualified and sits out the next game.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing this math idea, Nicholas!