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Coordinate Grid Game - Find Rover
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Coordinate Plain Game: Find Rover on the Grid
Submitted by Meredith from Pennsylvania
5th and 6th Grade Teacher

When learning about the coordinate plain, the kids love looking for "Rover" (It can be any name). Basically, you make up a large coordinate plain.  Then, you also create small objects that could fit on the board (trees, houses, shrubs...each of these objects should cover only one point on the coordinate plain). Next, you make a small dog (that would fit under each of the other objects.

Student must find "Rover" by listing coordinates to look under. They love this game, and it can easily be used over and over again. Students must use their knowledge of the coordinate plain in order to make their guess. This is a great way to assess whether or not they understand the concept of the coordinate plain.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing this idea, Meredith!  I can only imagine how much fun the kids must have when playing this game.

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