Place Value Booklets

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Making Place Value Booklets
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Place Value Booklets
Submitted by Adriana  from Texas
Second Grade Teacher

One math lesson that I LOVE doing has to do with teaching Place Value. I have my students make a "Place Value Booklet" with construction paper. I give them 4 copies of a print out of the numbers 0-9 and have them cut them up in squares to make four piles; each pile has the numbers 0-9.

They will then fold the construction paper long length-wise leaving about 2 inches at the bottom. I then staple the numbers inside the folded part and they label each section with; ONES, TENS, HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS at the bottom where they left the 2 inches.They will then cut the construction paper to make windows to flip through the numbers.

On the front cover, they draw base-ten blocks on each section, i.e., a unit for the ones, a long for the tens, a flat for the hundreds, and a cube for the thousands. This way they are using numberical symbols, base-ten symbols, and word symbols.

I will then ask them to show me a specific number with their booklet to put it into use. At times, I will also give them actual base-ten blocks and they have the make the number I give them with their booklet AND the base-ten blocks.

Webmaster note:  I like how you introduce kids to the numbers, symbols, and words together.  And the flip books are great for teaching the tactile/kinesthetic kids.  Many thanks, Adriana!

Super Teacher Ideas - Math - Place Value Booklets

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