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Bar Graphs and Pictographs
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The Candy Workers: Graphing Lesson
Submitted by Yvelisse  from New York
3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

In order to help students understand how to display data, using a candy worker activity.  I construct a scenario where students are working at the candy factory sorting candies from machines on the fritz.  Then they are to complete tally charts with estimated amounts, exact amounts, and use the data collected to construct graphs.

The students have two options they can make pictographs or bar graphs. They are to label all parts and explain why they chose the graph that they did. This is usually an assessment piece that helps close the graphing unit and will help identify students who still need more help and to see how my students think in a quantitative mode.  This also helps me teach students to write in math brief summaries.

Webmaster note:  What a fun way to end your graphing unit!  Thanks, Yvelisse.

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