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Pizza Entrepreneurs:  Math Lesson
Submitted by Stacey from New Hampshire
4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Teacher

My students have been given the opportunity to be the Pizza Thursday class. Once a month on Thursday's we have a deal with the local pizza company. My students were given a set dollar amount per pizza that they would have to pay ($7).

From there, the students had to come together and figure out a way to offer up pizza to the entire school. They had to figure out what to charge ($2 a slice), what forms needed to be filled out, when they needed money by, who would pick up the pizza, how much extra they should order in case of miscalculation, and how to deliver the pizza.

Each month they input their numbers into a spreadsheet and also calculate the profit. They also graph the profits. It works out great!

Webmaster note:  Wow, Stacey!  What a fun way to build math skills and business sense!  Thanks so much for sharing!   Hmm.... does the teacher get a free slice for all her work?  I hope so!

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