Add and Subtract Dice Game

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A Fun Way to Practice Addition and Subtraction Skills
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Dice Game for Practicing Addition & Subtraction
Submitted by Debbie fromMaryland
2nd Grade Teacher

For my lessons on regrouping with addition, I differentiate by playing a dice game. I start out with two different colored dice. The white die represents the "ones" number, the "yellow" die represents the tens.

The students roll the dice and write down the number according to the color coded dice. Then they roll again and write an addition number sentence. The student who rolls the dice writes the number sentence on a chart paper and solves the problem.

For differentiating, I add another color dice to represent the "hundreds". So you are going from 2 digit addition with/without regerouping to 3 digit addition.

To extend this idea in another direction, we do the same with subtraction. Each color dice always represents the same. White-ones, yellow-tens, orange-hundreds. Here the students roll the dice, (two or three depending on the level of the students), and they need to decide which number is greater than the other in oreder to write a proper subtraction problem. Then they solve the problem.

My students love this! I do not have to be with the groups all the time, because there is always another student helping those in need!!! Then you can use the same idea with writing inequalities using two and three dice. Many ways to differentiate learning using dice!

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing, Debbie!  I'm sure the kids love reviewing math with this game.   I think I might try your idea with my third graders when we learn about multiplication with two and three digit numbers.