Multiplication Bingo

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Multiplication Bingo Game
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Multiplication Bingo
Submitted by Tim from Wisconsin
4th Grade Teacher

My students love Multiplication Bingo. They fill out a simple bingo sheet with numbers that are (products) that we see in multiplying factors from 1 to 10. I write the factors like 5 x 8 on the board and they put a chip on the product (40) if they have it on their bingo sheet.

We go until someone has bingo and then I check it and supply a small piece of candy (optional) for getting it right. We then begin a new game with all the students clearning their bingo sheet. I also allow them to exchange bingo sheets with other students for a different look at other factors. It is a great way to use our basic math facts- and allows students to think on thier own.

Webmaster note:  Thanks, Tim!  It's amazing how easy it is to make reviewing math facts fun with simple games that are easy to play, like multiplication bingo.

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