Measurement with Nonstandard Units

Super Teacher Ideas Math Lesson : Nonstandard Measurement
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Tracing Your Body and Measuring Yourself with Nonstandard Units
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Using Diecuts to Teach Nonstandard Measurement
Submitted by Lori from Georgia
First Grade Teacher

When teaching measurement using a nonstandard unit, the children work in partners and trace their bodies with their feet together on a large piece of butcher paper.

They use a diecut shape to correlate with our Science or Social Studies to measure how many. For instance, my students used a snowman during Winter and glued them down on the body. They recorded how many snowmen tall the person was and we compared him/her to the other silhouettes.

We then tested our measurement by lining up the students and directly comparing their heights to see if we measured correctly. The teacher would ask questions about our outcome. The lesson can be followed up using the Smartboard and the endless number of websites available.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing this fun lesson, Lori!  I bet the students get a kick out of seeing how big they really are with the life-sized body cut outs!