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Math Ball - Multiplication Facts Review Game
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Math Ball
Submitted by Holly from Oklahoma
3rd - 5th Grade Teacher, Students with Special Needs

MATH BALL: To change things up a bit, I use an inflatable beach ball or number ball to help learn multiplication facts.

I will have kids sit in a circle. They will make first make flash cards for the facts we are working on. If we are learning 7's. They will make the first 5 in the list. (With my students doing 1/2 at a time helps.) After they make their flashcards, I have them study them and then put them behind them. I will then throw the ball to them in order of the facts.

The first student will have to answer 7x1. The second student 7x 2 and so on. If they miss one they have to study thier card until I come back to them. After the first round, I go around faster the second time. The third time I will go backwards. And the forth and fifth cycle I will throw the ball in random order. The kids love it and it causes for some physical activity.

If they kids can handle it, they can also do a round while standing up. I find they are easier to manage if they are sitting.

Rules for the game:
  1. You have 3 seconds to answer.
  2. You have to be ready to answer or you get skipped.
  3. Never answer for another student or your turn is skipped.
  4. The teacher reserves the right to send you back to your desk.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing, Holly!  I'm sure kids love revieiwng their math facts with this game... and it's a great way to get the kids moving while they learn.