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Easy and Fun Way to Teach Rounding
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Rounding Over the Hill
Submitted by Dawn from Florida
3rd Grade Teacher

This is to teach the basic concept of rounding. I tell my students a car needs to speed up to go over a hill and it rolls back if it doesnt make it over the top.

I have my students draw a nice hill on a blank sheet of paper. and number the left side 1-4 and 5 will be on top and 6-9 will be going down the right side. I then review the rules 0-4 stays put 5 or more goes up.

Each student gets a matchbox car and we practice with rounding if the number ends with a six its over the hill so the they would round up.  If the number is less then 5 the car would roll back down the hill and stay put. The kids really enjoy this. I see them after this lesson without the cars and hills moving their hands picturing the cars on the hills to round the numbers.

Webmaster note:  What a fun lesson, Dawn!  I think I'd like to try it with my own students.  (I still have dozens of old  Matchbox cars from when I was a kid.  I might as well put them to use in my classroom.)