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Preschool Printables
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Preschool teachers will find themselves in printable resource heaven when they visit this new blog:  Preschool Printables.

Webmaster and preschool teacher Kayla Johnson is in the process of scouring the 'net and assembling a complete collection of the best printable resources for preschoolers.

On her blog, you'll find animal sorting mats to teach beginning math skills, scissor cutting practice sheets for developing fine motor skills, harvest pattern page for teaching children about patterning, play-doh mats for helping children learn their shapes, and alphabet flash cards to give kids an early literacy headstart.  Your kids will also love the colorful cartoon dress up doll printables and the clothespin number matching game.

Kayla's blog is so chock-full of terrific materials that I can't list it all here.  Accessing these high-quality printables is as easy as point, click, and print.

Stop by the new Preschool Printables blog today and, if you work with preschoolers, I can just about guarantee you'll want to bookmark it in your favorites list.

The url is:

Oh yes, and don't forget to browser Kayla's amazing bulletin board ideas site too.  It's at: