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Super Teacher Ideas
Create a Life-Sized Human Body
Students make a life-sized human body model and learn about the organs.
Winner of the January 2009 contest!.

Plant Life
Tons of lessons ideas for teaching plant life.

Earth Day - Muddy Buddy Seed Balls
Students create and plant Native American seed balls.

Rock Cycle
Students create a model of the rock cycle that they can actually eat.

Sound Energy and Vibrations
Activities to teach sounds and vibrations.

Water Cycle Demonstration
Students build a working model of a water cycle.

Food Chains
Two lessons: Students create a food chain project, then dissect owl pellets to see a real food chain in action.

Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gasses
Several lessons for teaching students about the different states of matter.

Solid, Liquid and Gas Balloons
Learn about states of matter with an exploratory balloon experiment.

Health Science: Glitter Germs
Students learn about germs with this vivid demonstration of germs spreading.

Weather Lessons
Create different types of clouds using cotton balls, several weather experiments for each day of the week, and an air pressure experiment.

Teaching Science
A homeschool family shares their knowledge of Science via the Internet.

Gravity: Egg Drop Experiment
To teach gravity, Nikki has her student create an egg casing that prevents a raw egg from breaking. 

Cell Parts: Jello Lesson
Create a cell model using jello and other edible items.

Worms & Plants Experiment
How to set up a demonstration to illustrate the ways worms help plants.

Parts of a Flower
Learn the parts of a flower with these hands-on activities.
Crystal Snowflakes
A chemical reaction creates beautiful crystal snowflakes.

Diffusion T-Shirt
Students observe and learn about diffusion while creating their own stylish t-shirt designs.

Space Activities
Fun activities for teaching students about outer space.

Diet Coke and Mentos Reaction
Classic experiment with a fun result.

Dental Health
Watch a real tooth as it rots away in Coke.

Preserving the Environment: Cookie Mining
Fifth graders mine the chocolate chips out of their cookies with this fun math and science activity.

Predator versus Prey Game
Playground game to teach students about predators and prey.

Insect Study
Lots of fun ways to study insects.

Human Body Skeleton Activity
Create an exciting human body skeleton to display.

Project ideas for arctic animals and backyard birds.

Chemical Reactions: Invisible Ink
Student create real, working invisible ink.

Acids and Bases Lessons
Students learn about acid rain and see the corosive effects of acid on an egg's shell.

Egg Bottle
Suck a hard-boiled egg into a bottle.

Science Songs
Songs help students to learn science concepts.

Recycling Paper Activity
Students make real recycled paper from their own scraps.