Science: Egg Drop Teaches Kids About Gravity

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Gravity: Egg Drop
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Gravity:  Egg Drop
Submitted by Nikki in Bellingham, Washington
Grades K-3

Egg Dropping Contest!  -  When introducing gravity, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and give my kids a challenge. The objective is to drop an egg from our deck (about 10ft off the ground) to the yard below without breaking the egg. They had to come up with a contraption that would allow the egg to come out unharmed. We broke into teams; My husband and my 8year old daughter on one team and myself and my 5 year old daughter on another. One team made a parachute, the other went with an insulated box- both eggs were unharmed and everybody got to enjoy a night of Ice Cream!

A great experiment for all ages, it sparks their creativity and teaches the fundamentals while having fun!

Webmaster note:   Sounds like loads of fun!  Thanks, Nikki!

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Gravity: Egg Drop