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Science: Human Body and Nutrition
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Human Body:  Making Life-Sized Bodies
Submitted by Christy in Wilmington, Delaware
Homeschool, Grades K-8

I teach off of themed based weeks at my homeschool. For Bodies and Nutrition week we made lifesized models of ourselves using bulletin board paper. First we traced an outline of our body.

Each day we learned about a different organ and its use.

  • Monday, the brain: we uses cooked spaghetti and glued it for the brain.

  • Tuesday, the heart: we filled red balloons with pillow stuffing tied it off and drew veins on it. If you fill it very loosely it realy resembles the heart! Then we stapled it in place.

  • Wednesday the liver: we used white modeling clay(crayola magic) and painted it with red and brown paint (really gross and realistic).

  • Thursday the lungs: we cut and dyed dollar store sponges and glued to the chest area.

  • Friday the large and small intestines: we used and carefully glued two different sized ziti.

The end result was awsome! the parents were impressed that even the kindergarteners participated and learned!

Webmaster note:   Wow, Christy!  What a cool idea!  I've make paper life-sized bodies with my third graders, but I'd love to try your unique ways of making the organs!  Thanks a bunch for sharing this.

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