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Parts of a Cell
Submitted by Rhinda in Pennsylvania
Learning Support (K-5) Teacher

We were studying human cells. We used plastic cups to represent the cell wall, and a baggie inside the plastic cup to represent the cell membrane.

We mixed and used green jello as the cytoplasm. We added malted milk balls as the nucleus, raisins as the mitochondria, and gumdrops as the vacuoles.

Then, we refrigerated them. The next day, we got them out and I tested each child on the terms. When each could identify the parts and tell the use of each part, they got to eat their "cell".

Weeks later, I retested them, and even the Learning Support students could remember the parts of the cell.

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Cell Parts

Webmaster note:   Wow, Rhinda!  What a creative idea!  Thanks for sharing!