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Oreo Moon Phases
Submitted by Rebeccah in Lakeland, Florida
2nd Grade Teacher

When teaching about the different phases of the moon, you can use oreos and have the students actually make them. You can make the full circle of all the different phases. Just have students open up the oreo and eat away the white part that would show that particular phases. So on a new moon eat it all, on a full moon eat none of it. Students can clue the cookie bottom to a piece of paper and make a circle of all the phases for everyone to see. Quick, fun, and eatable.... which is always great!

Starry Night Software
Submitted by Gabriel in Florida

Well we went out in the morning, 9-10 AM, and observed the sky with a special computer (laptop) software called-starry night and the students and i saw the many stars that are not visible to the human eye in daylight (because of the sun) and we also saw the moon (but it wasnt too clear).

The students then did their own report on what they observed and had to name a star consellation which we also observed. With this software you can do a full 360 observation of the sky in a matter of seconds; it feels like you are in a space shuttle, flying through space. It was a very interesting science activity which my class all enjoyed and I look foward to doing it next year.

Hence, the students enjoyed it soo much that most of them wanted to buy the software to try it at NIGHT- which is when it looks the best because u actually see what is on the computer.

YouTube Space
Submitted by Anonymous

YouTube has LOTS of great space resources.  They have videos of the 1969 moon landing, astronauts demonstrating zero gravity in space, pictures of the Mars rovers at work.  If you do some searching around, you can find lots of short clips of actual space footage to share with your students.  They love it.

Oreo Moons II
Submitted by Lisa in Ogden, Utah
3rd Grade Teacher

We were studying the phases of the moon in my science class and I could tell that the kids were having a difficult time learning the order of the moon phases and the vocabulary that went along with it.

A great hands-on activity that I found was creating Oreo moons. Students, guided by a picture, were able to scrape off the right amount of cream to represent the corresponding moon. We then looked at all of the moons in order and students "glued" (with chocolate frosting, so they could eat them later) them to a paper plate and labeled them.

The students loved it because it was hands on and they could eat it when they were finished. I loved it because I could start to see the lightbulbs go on and my room smelled fantastic! It also helped with the vocabulary because students were then able to picture a gibbous moon as having more cream than a crescent moon. I would recommend it to anyone.

Oreo Moons III
Submitted by Alicia in Hialeah, Florida
2nd Grade Teacher

I used oreo cookies to teach the phases of the moon. First, I explained the phases of the moon out of our textbook and then I had them draw the earth in the middle of the page and the phases of the moon around the earth to signify rotation. Then, I had them open up their oreos and shave off the frosting using a plastic knife on each oreo that went with each phase.

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