Science: Dental Health Demonstration: Teeth Decay in SodaPop

Super Teacher Ideas Science Lesson : Dental Health
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Science: Dental Health Demonstration
Tooth Decaying in Soda Pop
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Super Teacher Ideas
Dental Health: Decaying Tooth Experiment
Submitted by Patricia in Laredo, Texas
First Grade Teacher

This experiment is kind of time consuming, but it does really teach the children about keeping their teeth healthy. When someone looses a tooth ask them if they will donate it to the class for a project.  Put a small amount of soda pop ( about half of the tooth) in a Petry dish and then place the tooth in the dish.  Place the dish with the pop and tooth in a place where no one will disturb it.  In about 2 1/2 weeks you will begin to notice the decaying tooth.  Leave it for longer to show what happens when a cavity is not taken care of.

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