Science: Mentos and Diet Coke Demonstraton

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Mentos and Diet Coke Demonstration
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Super Teacher Ideas
Mentos and Diet Coke Demonstration
Submitted by Belinda in Dublin, Georgia
4th Grade Teacher

This idea came from MythBusters, but it never gets old. You get a 2-liter Diet Coke, then set it somewhere to measure how high your spout will go. Open the cap and quickly drop a roll (unrolled) of Mentos in it. I usually roll a piece of notebook paper around the mentos so I can drop them fast. Move away quickly or you will get soaked.

I work this lesson in several ways. One way, is while teaching the Scientific Method, We hypothesize what soda will go higher. So I get different brands and set them all up at a place where I can reasonably measure the results. I usually use the brick wall of the school. Then we go through all of the steps in the scientific method. The students love when we get to the experiment.

MythBusters has proven that Diet Coke is the best for the highest spout. This experiment will also work in older grades, because the process that makes the reaction occur is, nucleation. This very fun and interesting experiment is always a hit. I have even used it in Math, and made graphs of the results.

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Mentos and Diet Coke

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