Science: Reclamation and Environment

Super Teacher Ideas Science Lesson : Reclamation and Environmment
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Science: Reclamation and Environment
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Super Teacher Ideas
Preserving the Environment: Cookie Mining
Submitted by Linda in Tennessee
5th Grade Teacher

Topic- Saving our Ecosystem

Students used chocolate chip cookies to demonstate reclamation. They were given $19.00 to spend. They had to buy the land which was the cookies. The minerals were the chips in the cookies.

A grid was used to plot out the land. Cookies were traced and the squares were counted. The students had to pay for tools used to mine the chips. A round toothpick was $6.00 and a paperclip was $7.00. The students were given 5 minutes for mining. Every minute mining was $1.00. The students used math skills to calculate net loss and gain during mining.

The cookie chips were calculating and the students put the crumbled cookies on the grid again to calculate the area used for mining. It was interesting to see the students valuing the amount of land used for mining and making choices about how they would use the resources wisely.The total cost of reclamation was figured.

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Environment and Reclamation Lesson