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Predator vs. Prey Game
From Mrs. Burns in Texas
2nd Grade Teacher

The kids loved doing this lesson. You start off by talking about animals and the circle of life. Then you focus on what an animal must do in order to surrive (eating other animals, blending into an environment to hide oneself). After you find out all the info that is needed, you have the kids go outdise and play the predator-vs-prey game.

You have half the class be predators, the other is the prey. You will need tape and objects that represent food. Behind the lines of tape you will but the "food" (one at each end, leaving about 20-30 yards in between). The object of the game is for the prey to go to one end of the "forest" and get one item of food, and bring it back to there home (the starting point) without getting eaten by the predators. If a prey frezzes then that means that they are blending in with there environment and they are safe, but if they are running and a predator touches them, then they are eaten.

Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing this fun game idea, Mrs. Burns!

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