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Super Teacher Ideas Lesson : Science: Insects
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Science:  Insects
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Super Teacher Ideas
Insect Unit
From Jennifer in Florida
Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Homeschool Family

We had a blast with our last science unit. We studied insects for about 3 months. Textbooks and websites were very helpful for us to identify our finds.

Butterflies seemed to be a big hit (especially raising them from larve!).

Collecting our very own ant farm was interesting.

But, the ultimate favorite was building bugs. We used air dry clay and images of cross-sections found online to best depict the likeness.

Then we painted our sculptures.

After our unit was completed, My 7 year old had the idea of acting out a short play for my husband, using our "bugs". What a wonderful way to learn about those little pests!

Pollination / Honey Bees
From Beth in Ladysmith, Wisconsin
2nd Grade Teacher

Every fall I teach a unit on honey bees. The culiminates in an exciting day that both the students and I love. Since my family has 2 bee hives it works well for us, but there are bee keepers all over the country with whom teachers could connect to use these ideas. On the "big day" we travel to my house to watch my husband take a honey frame from the hive. Next, the children spin the honey. From our study of bees in the classroom the children learned that bees help pollinate crops. So after spinning honey they are told to find a pumpkin in the patch, which the bees helped to pollinate. Then the students get to grind apples and press them in a fruit press to drink natural cider (thanks again to the bees for pollinating the apples). Finally, we go on a hayride...yes, thanks to the bees, even the cows have something to eat. It's a great day in the warm autumn sun. Hope this helps for ideas. See you later, pollinator!

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Insects