Science: Human Body and Nutrition Lessons

Super Teacher Ideas Lesson : Skeleton / Human Body
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Science: Human Body and Nutrition
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Super Teacher Ideas
Human Body:  Making Life-Sized Bodies
Submitted by Jennifer in Florida
Homeschool, Grades K-2

We are currently engulfed in learning about the human body. I decided to start us off with the skeletol interwokings. Begining with the skull, we draw a life-size skull and label it. Then we tape it to the wall.

The next day, we discuss the spine, draw and label it then connect it to our "skull". This process continues untill there's a full sized skeleton hanging on our wall. I plan to then, draw and attach organs, nerves, muscles, then skin!

The response so far from my girls is pure excitment! The entire lesson is verbal, hands on and visual. This process seems to inhabit enormous amounts of retention! I love this study!

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Human Body Skeleton