Acids and Bases

Super Teacher Ideas Science Activities: Acids and Bases
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Science: Acids and Bases
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Super Teacher Ideas
Effects of Acids
Submitted by Kathy in Kentucky
4th and 5th Grade Teacher

The Effects of Acids - Usually when we are trying to teach about acids and bases I will use an activity to show how acids are corrosive.

One good way is to take a raw egg. let the kids see that it is indeed raw and hard on the outside. Then we pour a little acid rain, called vinegar, over the egg in a clear glass container. The egg must be fully submersed. I usually begin the test early of the morning.  I have the kids make predictions about what they think is going to transpire with the egg.

The next morning we check the egg. before I let them see it I write all the predictions on the board. Usually the kids are amazed that the egg is absolutely soft and the shell has disappeared. We also discuss the environment and how pollution increases acidity in the atmosphere, which eventually comes back down to earth. Kids love this activity/lesson.

Webmaster Note:  Many thanks again to Kathy - the site's top contributor. :-)

Effects of Acid Rain on Plants
Submitted by Christy in Dry Prong, Louisiana
4th Grade Teacher

We are studying the effects of acid rain on. There are two activities that we are doing. For the first each child will be given a piece of chalk and a toothpick. They will create a sculpture out of the chalk. Then, they will have a cup of vinegar and a dropper. They will drop 10 drops, then observe and logging any changes on their lab sheet. This will continue through 5 rounds of making drops. For the second activity we will have 2 identical plants that will sit in the same classroom window. Plant A will be misted with plain water every day, and plant B will be misted with a mixture of half water and half vinegar. We will observe the changes in the plants over the entire unit and log our observations on a lab sheet.

Webmaster Note: Thanks, Christy!

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