Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Lesson

Super Teacher Ideas Science Activities: Recycle Paper - Making New Paper in the Classroom
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Science: Recycling Paper Activity
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Super Teacher Ideas
Recycling Paper
Submitted by Jennifer in Houston, Texas
Kindergarten Teacher

My favorite science activity to do with the students is one that I do along with lessons on reduce, reuse, recycle. We make paper cards or shapes out of old newspaper paper.

Everyone tears their paper into strips. We soak it in water overnight. The next day in groups the wet paper and some water is added to a blender (very supervised here). Students really enjoy using the blender at this age. Then they get to choose their paint color to add to the mixture so it has a bit of color. Then we use a 'right-sized' piece of window screen placed in a shallow pan of water with a small bit of white school glue (we've got the screens on hand that we use from year to year). Once the pulp has settled, we pull it out and let it dry.

By the next day everyone has a 'new' piece of paper to use for their liking. Everyone seems to really enjoy it!

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Recycling Paper Activity