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Rock Cycle Lesson
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Rock Cycle Activity
Another Great Idea from the Creative Mind of Kathy in Kentucky
4th & 5th Grade Teacher

What child doesn't like to eat their work? In our 4th grade science content we study about the rock cycle. I like to take graham cracker crumbs, mini chocolate chips,crushed Butterfinger or toffee bars, and flaked coconut. I know this sounds expensive, but if you let the kids help supply the materials it is really not that expensive, plus the kids get so excited because they are bringing in all these yummy treats knowing that what we learn today is going to be really fun.

As you discuss how layers of sediment forms sedimentary rocks you explain to the kids that we are going to make some edible sedimentary rocks. Between all the gasps and cheers you try to get started!

The kids will be divided in groups and have their prospective sediment. Each group will pour their sediment in a 5x8 container in this order: crushed Butterfinger, coconut, mini chocolate chips,graham cracker crumbs . Now since heat, pressure, and time bonds the sediment, you need your blowdryer. Fan the blowdryer back and forth while pressing the layers with a wooden spoon. Be sure to let the kids do this.

When the layers are fairly melted. STOP! Let the rock formation cool. Then the kids are ask which layer is the oldest, youngest etc... How has the sediment changed, why did it change, are the layers different, explain. Great learning taking place in this lesson and it is a practical application of content in a concrete form. After you dicuss, you cut and eat your rocks!

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Rock Cycle Eating Rocks

Webmaster note:   I love this!  It's so hard to find an interesting and interactive lesson to teach kids about rocks.  :)

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