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Science: Sound Lessons
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Super Teacher Ideas
Sound Lesson
Another Fantastic Idea from Kathy in Kentucky
4th & 5th Grade Teacher

Sounds All Around Us! When I teach about sound and the importance of sound I always try to plug this activity in at the beginning.  This is a fun way to get the kids wondering about sound.  I take a recorder and mic and I record about 20 sounds of common sounds we hear everyday at home or outside.

Some of the sounds I try to record are: flushing a commode, microwave beep, popping the top on a soda, mixer running, phone ringing, door shutting, snap your fingers, car horn, soda fizzing, water running, burp, typing on a keyboard and the list can go on and on.

Now I play the sounds one by one and the kids have 10 seconds to guess and record the identity of the sound. I only play it once so they have to listen carefully. After we finish the last one I play them all quickly.

Now for the correct sound! I let them tell what they think the sound is and if they have it right they get a "good vibration" which is worth 2 waves. The one with the most waves at the end gets a sound making prize. We then discuss pitch and decide which sounds had a low or high pitch. Kids love this activity.

Webmaster note:   Thanks again, Kathy, for sharing so many of your creative Math and Science activities.  Have you read Kathy's other ideas?  Take a look at  Math with Food, Fruit and Vegeatble Seeds, and the Edible Rock Cycle.

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Sound Waves Activity
Tambourine Vibrations
Another Fantastic Idea from Amy in Houston, Texas
2nd Grade Teacher

My class has a great time doing experiments with sound. Students will first brainstorm ideas of how to prove that sound travels through the air. Then, we will use a tambourine with a little rice on top to demonstrate that sound travels through the air as the tambourine is lightly struck and the rice "dances" from the vibrations. Students are amazed to hear the sound of the tambourine even with the rice on top. They actually see that sound can have an impact on solid material as well as the air around us!

Webmaster note:  This is an excellent way to help students visualize the concept of sound vibrations.  Thanks, Amy!