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Food Chain Lesson Idea
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Making a Food Chain
From the Creative Mind of Kathy in Kentucky
4th & 5th Grade Teacher

Who's At the Top? - When we are learning about food chains I like to take various old magazines and let the kids cut out pictures of plants and animals. After they have cut out what they think will make a good food chain containing the ( sun, producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer,and decomposer).

The kids glue the pictures to an actual paper chain of different colors. We hang these up in the hallways. It gives new meaning to who is on the top of the food chain. Children seems to understand concepts much better if they can make a concrete model.

Webmaster note:   Thanks again. Kathy!  This seems like a very easy- yet very fun- way to teach kids about food chains.

Food Chain: Owl Pellets
Submitted by Betty in Kentucky
4th Grade Teacher

To fully understand the transfer of energy through the food chain, my student dissect owl pellets. They learn that these pellets are the result of an owl reguretating the bones, beaks, fur, and all other undigestable parts of the small rodents, etc. eaten by the owl.

Students bleach, sort, and reconstruct partial skeletons of these animals. They also discover seeds, wheat, etc. that was eaten by the rodents that were then eaten by the owl. This is an excellent motivator for students and teaches the transfer of energy through the foodchain in a very hands-on and visual manner.

Owl pellets can be purchased through any science educational supply store or can be found in areas where owls roost if you are lucky enough to have access to such an area.

Betty - Owl pellets are great fun!  I get them with my third grade classes and every year the kids say it's their favorite science lesson of all time!  Thanks for submitting this idea.

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