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Teach Kids to Cover Their Mouths When they Cough
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Health Science:  Glitter Germs
Submitted by Cheryl in Sebring, Florida
Second Grade Teacher

Second graders love real life experiences, so in order to teach my class about germs, and how they are spread, I make it a real life experience. Before I start my lesson (without them seeing me do it), I sprinkle a good amount of glitter in my hands. Be careful not to put in too much, or it will be noticed AND too little will not have the same effect, either.

I begin by telling the class that we are about to learn how germs are spread, and how we can help prevent spreading them. Then, suddenly, I feel a sneeze coming on... and I fake a sneeze while tossing my hands open (or blowing into the hands). I am careful not to toss any glitter on anyone... I try to get it on the tables, etc. I then apologize for the interuption and tell my class that is how germs are spread. They still don't have the full effect until you touch someone on the back... transfering glitter to them; using a student's pencil, touching their work, chairs,soap dispenser, doorknobs, etc.

Yes, there will be glitter all over your room... but what a conversation starter! Each year that I do this, it amazes me - more and more students cover their mouths when they sneeze / cough... I teach them to cough into the crook of their arm (at the elbow) so they can avoid getting "extra" germs on their hands.

Super Teacher Ideas - Science - Teach Kids to Cover their Mouths

Webmaster note:   This idea is awesome, Cheryl!  Kids do need to learn about health and hygiene.  This is a great way to teach them about germs in a way they won't forget.