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Social Studies - African History Month
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African History Month Quilt
Submitted by Darlene in Michigan
4th - 6th Grade Teacher

For African-History month, we make quilt squares and put together a blanket. Each of the quilt patterns was used during the underground railroad to help escaping slaves make it to freedom in the North. We read several of the books that relate to the project: s.a. "Follow the Drinking Goard", and "The Freedom Quilt". The patterns are then traced onto light weight cotton muslin and colored with fabric crayons. Once they are pressed with an iron, the color is perminent and they can be sewn together to make a small quilt. The students love to take this home and pin it on their wall, or use it as a table decoration. The lesson stays with them for a very long time.

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - African History Month