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A great lesson for teaching kids about Egyptian pyramids, pharaohs, heiroglyphics, and ancient Egypt.
Winner of the February 2009 contest!.

Native Americans
Lessons, projects, and activities for teaching students about Native American life.

50 States
Teach your students all about the 50 United States, US geography, states & capitals, and more with these teaching ideas.

50 States, Part 2
More lessons and activities for teaching students about the 50 American States.

Teach students about the nations of the world.

Students learn the names and geographic locatios of the seven continents

Government Lessons
Making a budget and other government activities.

Assembly Line
Students participate in a real assembly line, just like Henry Ford's.

Thanksgiving Learning Centers
Thanksgiving learning centers for primary students.

Mountains, hills, plateus, and more.

American Revolution
Lessons and activities related to America's Revolutionary War.

U.S. Presidents
Learn about George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Other American Presidents.

Students learn about issues and express their own opinions.

Veterans and Veteran's Day
Activities for honoring those who serve in the military to protect our freedom.

Activities for teaching kids how money affects our lives.

African History & African-American Hstory
Celebrate African-Americans who have helped to shape our country.

Lewis and Clark Adventure Game
Lewis and Clark jouney across your classroom map as kids answer Social Studies review questions.

Holidays Around the World
International students learn about different holidays all around the globe.

Students learn how and why immigrants travel to a new country.