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Appreciating Veterans
Submitted by Alicia in Pennsylvania
High School Spanish Teacher & Homeschool Parent (1st and 3rd)

I am a high school Spanish teacher and my husband and I homeschool our 2 kids (1st and 3rd grade). On Veteran's Day my high school students put together 500 "Thank You Veterans" Kits for life. They contained a small card that read, "Thank You Veteran Kit for Life."

Contains: a paper clip to help you keep it all together, a mint to reimind you that you're worth all the money in the U.S. mint, a kiss to remind you to keep love in your heart, a puzzle piece to remind you that withouth each othe we are not complete, a bandaid to remind you to mend hurt feelings, yours and others!
Use this kit as needed and remember that someone appreciates you!!!"

On the back of the card my students and children wrote "¡Feliz Día de los Veteranos! de los estudiantes de UCHS"- (Happy Veteran's Day from the students at University City H.S.). We filled up ziploc bags with all of the contents and prepared them for delivery. Several students made huge signs (Over 10 feet long) in art that read "Honk for your vets" and "Thank you veterans."

I told my class that my children and I would be marching from our school to the Veteran's Hospital on Veteran's Day and that I would give extra credit to anyone who wanted to participate in the parade. Two students showed up and we had a parade of five! My children and I went on the VA Kids website and learned about the origins of Veteran's Day, did puzzles and activities about the American Flag and made posters that read, "Bravery" and "Hero." They tied their posters to the front of their bikes and I tied my brother's picture (a Marine)to the front of mine. We biked to the train station to board the train towards Philadelphia. We rode our bikes to school, met up with my students and then marched one mile to the V.A. Hospital with our signs. We stood outside there for about an hour and receive over 1,000 honks for our Vets! We also asked people if they were veterans and gave them a kit when they stopped at the traffic light or as they passed by.

We went into the hospital but were told that some of the patients were too "out of it" to have unexpected visitors. However, the security officers were vets so we gave them a kit and they told us we could visit the V.A. nursing home across the street. We went there and the residents were very receptive to the kits although some of them could not receive one because they might have eaten the small pieces. One resident was missing half of his face and my daughter asked what happened to him. This was a good time to explain the sacrifice that many vets make for their country and how it is important to give thanks. We left the signs in the cafeteria and marched back to the school. This is something we will do every year! My kids and my students learned a lot about the true meaning of Veteran's Day and showing appreciation! :)

I will e-mail you the pics.
Thank you!

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - Thank You to Veterans