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Social Studies - Proactive Statements Lesson
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Proactive Statements
Submitted by Julie in Vancouver, Canada
Grade 6 Teacher

This activity is called Provocative Statements.

Prepare signs that state:


Tape these signs around the room. Explain to the students that you will read statements that may or may not be provocative. They have to decide for themselves where they stand.

For example: Apples are always red (obviously the questions will be provocative and not ridiculous)

The students will have to take a moment to decide where they stand - do they strongly agree? Do they sort of disagree? Are they not sure?

The teacher then asks a few of the students to explain why they are standing where they are. At this time, the others who are listening may decide to change where they are standing if they feel that their classmate has brought up a good point.

Continue on to the next statement.

**I found that the students came up with excellent comments and it gave me a chance to really HEAR their opinions on the unit I was teaching.

***Also, because the activity was so interactive, I did not have any management issues - the students were VERY INVOLVED!

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - Proactive Statements Activity