Social Studies - 7 Continents Lesson

Super Teacher Ideas Social Studies Activities: 7 Continents
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Social Studies - Seven Continents Lesson
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Super Teacher Ideas
7 Continents
Submitted by Allyson in Florida, 2nd Grade Teacher

Describe a fun Social Studies activity, project, or lesson.:  I teach my kids about the 7 continents using the materials and powerpoints I have created which are all posted/explained on this page:

This web page is part of a webquest about the 7 continents which goes along with this unit.

Where in the World
Submitted by Autumn in California, 3rd Grade Teacher

One of my favorite lessons is teaching my students about "Where in the World" they are. I have them lay down on the carpet with their eyes on the ceiling. I project a picture of a rocket ship and tell them that we're going to be flying into outer space today. We leave our "city", "state", "country", "continent", "hemisphere", and finally I put up a picture of the world from outer space. They love flying out there and then returning to earth. I also have a great flipbook that goes with it in following lessons. The kids love it when I add in the rocket sounds!

The Whole Wide World
Submitted by Cristy in Tennessee, 3rd Grade Teacher

When studying the seven continents and 4 oceans I purchase the small $1.00 bouncy ball from the local store. I have my students paint them blue. Then we color and cut the seven continents out and glue them onto the ball in the correct place. After that we label the continents and the four oceans. We then sing "We've got the Whole World in our Hands" by Dr. Jean. The students are so proud of their work and they love to sing the song to celebrate learning the continents and oceans.

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - 7 Continents Activity