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USA Road Trip - Brochure Project
Submitted by Kim in California
1st Grade Teacher

The social studies project this year that my first graders are enjoying is having pen pals that live in another state. We have exchanged letters, newspapers from each others city and town and we have also exchanged information about each other's state and city.

My first graders share what they have learned about their pen pals state with our principal and fourth grade buddy class every time we receive a letter from our pen pal class in Delaware. They are so excited. My class has decided how we would get to Delaware to visit them, car, plane, boat and or train.

Actually, it is more than a social studies lesson, we use math, writing, reading and science. My students are very excited now about learning about other places on the map.

USA Regions, A-Z
Submitted by Pam in Ohio
Fifth Grade Teacher

After teaching about the five regions of the United States, we make a "Regions, A-Z Book."

Each student chooses their favorite region for review then decides upon a word or phrase beginning with each letter of the alphabet that relates to their particular region. Each page of the book is set up with the top 2/3 of the page blank (for an illustration), and the bottom 1/3 saying, "A (B,C, etc.) is for _____." Then there are lines provided for the students to write a little bit about the word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet.

The kids really love making this book, not only because they get to color, but because they get to be creative, especially with letters like Q and X. When the books are finished, I have each student make a cover and bind the books together. Afterwards, we take turns sitting in the author chair, reading our books to the class.