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Desk Sale - Goods and Services
Submitted by Kate in Missouri
2nd Grade Teacher

The Desk Sale Lesson

When I teach my second grade students about goods and services, I usually end the unit with a desk sale. The kids are asked to create a good or service that they would like to sell to classmates. While they spend 1-2 weeks creating their goods or service at home (i.e.- goods might include sock puppets, cookies, and personalized stationary--- the kids must make everything they sell--- or services might include a desk cleaning service, skateboarding lessons, or pencil sharpening service) we spend classtime creating signs and price menus for their "business" and practice making change with real money. (The kids must choose a price to sell their goods and services for--- usually less than one dollar).

On the day of the desk sale, the kids set up their "shops" and are each allowed to bring in up to 3 dollars for shopping at classmates "shops". Each child determines when to open his/her business and when go shopping at other classmates' businesses. After after about 30 minutes to an hour, we end the desk sale. We compare who made the most money and who purchased the most goods/services, etc. The kids learn a lot from this activity and have a lot of fun doing it!

Lemonade Stand - Economics
Submitted by Shanna in Texas
3rd Grade Teacher

When I teach economics, I have my students run an online lemonade stand. There are many good lemonade stands online. The lemonade stand teaches the students about being a producer, how to make their consumers happy, and how to budget so they do not run out of money before their (online) week is over. It also teaches them about profit or loss, liquidated inventory when their ice melts or lemons spoil, and spending and earning money. It's also really fun! The kids often tell me that they went home and played the game on their computer at home.

Webmaster note:  One such Lemonade stand can be found here: Lemonade Game

Lemonade Stand - Videos
Submitted by Greg
Middle School/ High School Teacher

YouTube Channel contains four short (2 minutes ea.) videos that illustrate a different economic principle in the context of a lemonade stand. The videos feature middle school and high school girls so students really relate. Each video ends with a question to help start a lively discussion about the issues raised by the video.

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - Economics / Law of Supply and Demand / Goods and Services