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Social Studies - Egypt Activity
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Egypt Lesson:
Pharaohs, Queens, and Scribes
Submitted by Susan in Georiga
2nd Grade Teacher

When studying about Egypt, we read Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House). The students love these books! As we read, we talk about the pharoahs and queens and their way of living. We also discuss how mummies were made. About mid-way through the book, we begin making costumes to depict the pharaohs, scribes and queens. They choose which person they would like to be and we use bulletin board paper, tag board, and construction paper to make the costumes.

Girls: queens--cut 1 in. wide strips of black construction paper for a wig. Curl the strips by wrapping each one around a pencil. Once all the "curls" have been made, staple them to a headband made from construction paper. Collars (similar to that of Cleopatra) are made from bulletin board paper. Each student draws their own designs on the collar and colors it with markers in bright patterns. The girls also wear eye makeup and lipstick on the day we travel back in time.

Boys: choose either pharaoh or scribe
Their crowns/headpieces are made from construction paper and "aprons" are made from bulletin board paper. Some of them choose to make staffs/rods from wrapping paper tubes.

We also make mummies by staining gauze wrap with tea and wrapping it around old barbies/small dolls. Stain the gauze and let it dry overnight before using it.

If time allows, students write facts that they learned about Egypt using Hieroglyphics.

This unit takes about two weeks, but the students love it!

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - Egyptian History, Egypt Lesson