Holidays Around the World

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Holidays Around the World
Submitted by Jean in Lemont, Illinois
Second Grade Teacher

From early October through Jan I teach holidays from around the world. My students are from around the world:Jordan, Poland, Romania, Albania, Mexico, and the good ole USA! We discuss the importance of everyones culture. All my students are respected for who they are and where they come from. The students love to talk about their lives and homelands. Many of them have large families that still live in other countries and many of them go back in the summer to visit. I have collected several books about different cultures over the years and have shared them with my students. We discuss Ramadan, St. Nicolas Day, Christmas, and Las Posadas to name a few. The best part about it is that the students love to hear about other cultures!

Webmaster note:  Thanks for the great idea on international holiday celebrations, Jean.  I hope you and your students have a happy holiday season this year. :)

Super Teacher Ideas - Social Studies - Holidays Around the World