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Countries Around the World
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Super Teacher Ideas
Birthday Countires
Submitted by Lynn in Illinois
Teaches Kindergarten, 2nd, 10th, 11th

For my younger kids I do a fun activity for birthdays that tie in a social studies event. I give the student library time to find a country that they would like to visit and have them make a construction paper placemat. They are able to cut and paste clip art of the flag, foods, or other interesting pieces to it. Then I use clear transparent cabnet liner and cover the piece to preserve it. When we do their birthday celebration they give a small report and they hang the placemat from the front of their desk. It not only teaches social studies, it teaches a child to dream.

"A to Z" of the Word
Submitted by Darren in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Grade 3 Teacher

As an introduction to maps, we usually do an "A to Z" of the world using atlases. The students work in pairs and have a simple worksheet to complete - they need to find different countries beginning with each letter of the alphabet. It's a fun lesson for them because they get to find places they've only heard of (or I help them locate these countries). Nothing like helping a little eight year boy find Kazakhstan because he wants to see where Borat is from . . .

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