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Super Teacher Ideas Social Studies Activities: Landforms
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Social Studies - Landforms
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Super Teacher Ideas
Shaving Cream Landforms
Submitted by Patty in Louisiana
2nd Grade Teacher

A culminating activity I use at the end of our unit on landforms, I purchase cheap white and blue shaving cream. On completely clean desks, students are given a blob of white shaving cream to form the different landforms (mountain, hill, plateau, prairie, etc). When they complete the water related landforms they are given the blue shaving cream for the water (island, peninsula, etc.).

Landform Scavenger Hunt
Submitted by Stacy in Alabama
2nd Grade Teacher

When I teach landforms for our geography unit, we read several nonfiction books about the various types of landforms and bodies of water. I send the children on a scavenger hunt to find pictures of the different types of landorms (at school and at home). When they finish, we create posters for each type of landform or body of water.